UNIMARC Standard

The UNIMARC format is a widely used standard for the representation and exchange of bibliographic data in machine-readable form. It defines the codes and conventions (tags, indicators, subfield codes, and coded values) that identify the data elements in UNIMARC bibliographic and authority records. UNIMARC is maintained by an IFLA committee, the Permanent UNIMARC Committee (PUC). Proposals for change usually originate with those creating UNIMARC records or those using UNIMARC records. Changes are made only through the PUC.

The version included here: UNIMARC Bibliographic 3rd edition with updates up to 2016. Last updated on this site: June 2020

Newer edition to be added to this site in summer 2023

More information see UNIMARC Updates

UNIMARC Element Sets

UNIMARC Value Vocabularies

Cartographic materials


Sound Recordings


Three-dimensional artefacts and realia

Visual projections, etc.

Added to this site: July 2020